Date of Birth: October 09th, 1975 | Nationality: Italian, Female | Marital Status: Single

Languages: Native Italian and English, Fluent at all levels in Spanish and French

Business network and events for Communication

Marketing, Media, PR Strategies / Networking Business Opportunities / Project Management / Business Network & Events Communication / Creativity / Guest Service Excellence

Decisive, skilled and profit-driven communication professional with diversified experience and abilities in public relations, communications and media management demonstrating a strong background in government, corporation and nonprofit organizations. Talented expert specialized in establishing exceptional relationships with key business and media leaders influencers to generate sales opportunities. Proved capabilities in improving firm’s brand image, accomplished through planning, designing and implementing strategies, initiatives, creative campaigns and PR events. Strong predisposition managing, monitoring and analyzing social networks to create brand awareness to increase sales. Proficient in creating positive team bonding with solid loyalty degree across working groups with multicultural diversity and professional backgrounds. Capable of organizing professional workshops, marketing & promotional trainings, problem description / solutions with the capability of achieving reasonable set targets.


Communication & Sales Strengths

  • Luxury Concierge Services

  • Positioning, Brand Management

  • F&B, Culinary, Entertainment organization

  • Relationship Management

  • Organization Spokesperson

  • Marketing, Sales Initiatives

  • Crisis Communication

  • Corporate Civic Engagement

  • Forecast and Manage Operational Budgets

  • Team Building & Sales Training Programs

  • Promote Outreach within Community

  • Effective Fundraising

  • Proficient use of Volunteers

  • Goal oriented, Resourceful, Persuasive

  • Digital Marketing Overview

  • Operation Analysis, Process Improvement





Professional Experience